Experiential Acceptance Testing Workshop with FitNesse

This is a variable-length introduction to acceptance testing. The first confirmed presentation will be at SD West. There are other possibilities.


Exercise: Introduction

(For classes, not sessions like SD West.)
You will be introducing someone else, not yourself.
  • Pick someone you do now know/know well and get three things from them:
    • Name,
    • What brings them here,
    • what 1 thing do they hope to get out of this
  • Present that person to the rest of the class

Exercise: Team Makeup

  • find 3 things your team members have in common (beyond working at the same place)
  • find 3 ways in which you do not agree about the subject material
  • Be prepared to report back.

Exercise: Define Acceptance Testing

Exercise: Describe Roles

Who does what?

Exercise: Describe Information Flow

Demonstration: FitNesse + Slim/Java

Problem: Concert Registration

Exercise: Stories


Exercise: Write Acceptance Test

Exercise: Express Acceptance Test as FitNesse Test

Exercise: Get Acceptance Test Passing

Demonstration: FitNesse Table Types

Exercise: Describe one use of each table

Exercise: Installing FitNesse

Concert Registration