This is a list of resources for a 2-day C++ class covering a rage of topics including:
  • Test Drive Development
  • Refactoring (Martin - Refactoring)
    • rename method
    • rename class
    • extract method
    • extract class
    • replace switch/conditional logic with polymorphism
    • encapsulate typecode
  • Legacy Refactoring (Feathers - Working Effectively with Legacy Code)
    • characterization tests
    • extract class
    • extract method
  • Design Patterns


Working in Visual Studio with this Files

  1. Download zip file
  2. Download CppUTest
  3. Get it built in your version of visual studio
  4. Create a new project (win 32 console), e.g. RpnCalculator, CleanCode, ReplaceConditionalWithPolymorphism, Characterization, PolymorphismSolved
  5. Select solution and add existing project
  6. Find your CppUTest solution folder and add the project file
  7. Have your new project (RpnCalculator, CleanCode, etc.) depend on the CppUTest project
  8. Update your new project's include directory to include the include directory of CppUTest
  9. Find the zip file, open it and extract all of the files into the source directory of your project
  10. Select your project and add existing, add all of the header and source files