This instructions help you get started using Eclipse and the CDT to develop C++ systems under Windows.

Many Thanks To

After many tries and false paths, I finally got a fully working environment fairly easily. Thank you to Doug Schaefer (Twitter), Eclipse CDT Project Lead.

These instructions are essentially a duplication of: Wascana Eclipse C/C++ IDE for Windows Developers.


Note: If you install the 64-bit JDK, install the 64-bit Eclipse. Same with 32-bit.

  • Install a JDK (this is to run Eclipse): Jdk 1.6 Install
  • Download and install the Helios version of eclipse with the Eclipse CDT: Helios
  • Add the wascana plugin from the following Eclipse update site: Wascana Update Site
    • Start eclipse
    • Go to Help::Install New Software...
    • Paste http://svn.codespot.com/a/eclipselabs.org/wascana/repo/ in the Work with: box
    • Click Add
    • In the dialog, provide a name (I used wascana))
    • Click OK
    • Eventually you'll see under the Name column in the middle of the dialog "Wascana C/C++ Developer Tools for Windows"
    • Click the box next to it to make a check appear.
    • Click Next
    • When the Install Details window appears, click Next
    • When the Review Licenses window appears, select the "I Accept the terms of the License Agreements" and click Finish
    • After the update is downloaded, you'll be asked to apply the updates. Do so by selecting Restart Now.

That's it, works quite well. This gives support for compiling and debugging C++ applications in Eclipse.

Verifying It Works

  • Create a new C++ project
  • Select the Hello World Template
  • Build and run it, notice the output in the console window
  • Debug it, you should see it pause just before beginning main()