Picking up work on my C++ book again so I figured it was time to start using Juno (Eclipse circa '12). Here are the preliminary steps.

The Steps

  • Install a JDK, I recommend at least 1.6, or 1.7 if it is easy/supported for your environment.
  • Download the Eclipse CDT
  • Extract the zip somewhere, for this example, I'll use c:\learncpp. When you are done, you should see c:\learncpp\eclipse, under which you'll see eclipse.exe. Don't run it just yet.

Windows Users

  • Install MinGW by downloading the latest version of the GUI installer.
  • Make sure to include g++ and the MinGW Developer toolkit (for this example, I selected c:\learncpp\MinGW as the installation directory)
  • Update your system path to include c:\learncpp\MinGW\bin and C:\learncpp\MinGW\msys\1.0\bin - note that the version of msys could change.

Mac Users

What I'm about to recommend is controversial because most people prefer homebrew.
  • Install either XCode or (better) the xcode developer tools only (about 200 meg download versus 4 gig).
  • Install mac ports
  • Install gcc 4.7 or later

*nix users

Use your favorite package tool to install g++ and make. I'm sure there are more steps but I don't have a raw unix distro with which to experiment.