Backup Properties

  1. File:Export:General:Preferences
  2. Enter/browse a file name
  3. Make sure to copy/email this file to yourself

Backup Projects

  1. Make sure Project:Build Automatically is turned off
  2. Project:Clean
    1. Make sure to select all projects
    2. Make sure Start a Build Immediately is disabled
  3. Go to your workspace directory
  4. Select everything (should be just folders) except the .metadata directory
  5. Zip/7-zip all of the files into a single archive
  6. Make sure to copy/email this file to yourself

Create New Workspace

  1. At home, install and fire up Eclipse.
  2. When prompted, create a new workspace directory

Restore Properties

  1. In your new project, File:Import:General:Preferences
  2. Browse to your properties backup file
  3. Select it
  4. Click Finish

Restore Projects

  1. Unzip/7-zip your files into your newly-created workspace directory
    1. Note, each of your projects will be a directory under your workspace directory
    2. E.g. if your workspace directory is C:\workspaces\Ejb3AndJpa, then after extracting your projects you'll have folders like C:\workspaces\Ejb3AndJpa\Ejb3Tutorial1, C:\workspaces\Ejb3AndJpa\JpaTutorial1
  2. Back in Eclipse, File:Import:General:Existing Projects
  3. Browse to your workspace directory (should just need to click browse and OK)
  4. Select all of your projects