I'm still looking for the right place to host my work in subversion. Until then, I'm running a subversion server on my home system. I'm using subversion for experience, I've been using some version of CVS since 1989 and I figure it's about time to give a new tool a try.

Here's what I did to get that up and running. Note, all of this stuff is available online. I'm just putting it here for a very quick reference.

Install Software

  1. Download subversion XP binaries from here. Note I'm using 1.3.2.
  2. Install it. I happened to install it C:\Subversion

Configure Repository

  1. CD to the subversion installation directory (c:\Subversion in my case)
  2. CD to the bin directory
  3. Create a repository using the svnadmin tool: svnadmin create c:\Repository
Note my directory is c:\Repository

Configure Subversion as an XP Service

  1. Download a tool to install subversion as a service from here
  2. Extract this somewhere. I just extracted it to C:\Subversion\bin to make life easy
  3. Use the tool to install subversion as a service: snvservice -install -d -r c:\Repository
Note, by using -r c:\Repository, my URL will be svn:localhost/, if you didn't use -R c:\Repository, your URL would be svn:localhost/Repository

Configure the Windows Service

  1. Open up the windows services tool
  2. Find SVNService
  3. Right-click start
  4. Right-click properties, change startup-type to automatic and click OK
  5. Close windows services

Setup User Accounts

  1. CD to the directory where you created your repository, c:\Repository in my case
  2. CD to conf
  3. Use your favorite editor (vim, right?) to edit snvserv.conf, put the following info in it:
auth-access = write
password-db = passwd
  1. Use your favorite editor to edit passwd and create an account, e.g.:
#user name        password
brett.schuchert = somepassword

Install Subclipse

  1. In Eclipse, go to help:software updates:find and install
  2. Select search for new features to install and click on next
  3. Create a new site, Name: Subclipse URL: http://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.2.x
  4. Follow the install instructions and then restart Eclipse

Connect to a Repository

  1. Open up the SVN Repository Exploring Perspective in Eclipse
  2. Right-click in the SVN Repository Tab and select New:Repository Location
  3. Enter your URL. In my case it's: svn://localhost

First Time You Write

  1. When you try to add a project in Eclipse, you'll be asked to login in
  2. Enter your user and password. In my example, my user is "brett.schuchert" and my password is "somepassword"

That's it.