This stuff was all submitted by David Nunn's recent visit down Smalltalk lane. Dave used Smalltalk extensively back in the early 90's and had much more experience with the language than I did.

Smalltalk Code

The following links point to package files suitable for Dolphin Smalltalk 6.02:
-- a few enhancements to the test environment (e.g., adds assert:equals: to TestCase, package test menu mod)
-- fixes method browser so you can create classes and declare instance variables as you go
-- a sample of some really bad code
-- some sample code for BlockClosures
-- some sample code for Metaclass investigation

For Dolphin Community Edition only, you'll also want to get:
-- adds a method mysteriously absent from the Community Edition that allows the Package>>Test menu item to work.
- just idle work, meant to be on it's way to being bad

The Three Questions

Douglas Adams had only 1. Brett's got 3 questions that clarify Smalltalk.