This page contains various stages of a project used as an example for code coverage. You'll need several things for this to work:
  1. The Java Development Kit
  2. Eclipse
  3. Emma Eclipse Plugin

Install each of these in order listed above.

Next, you'll need the workspace. Here is a complete Eclipse workspace:

  1. Download the file.
  2. Extract the file somewhere, e.g.
    • PC: C:\workspaces
    • Mac: /Users/Schuchert/Workspaces
  3. This creates a directory called SdBestPractices2007 under the directory to which you extracted the zip file.
  4. Start eclipse
  5. Select the directory "SdBestPractices2007" under your target extraction directory
  6. Verify your tests run
    1. Right-click on your project
    2. Select Run:JUnit Tests
    3. Verify all 106 tests pass