B1:    The Batch Size Queueing Principle
  • Reducing batch size reduces cycle time

B2:    The Batch Size Variability Principle
  • Reducing batch size reduces variability in flow

B3:    The Batch Size Feedback Principle
  • Reducing batch sizes accelerates feedback

B4:    The Batch Size Risk Principle
  • Reducing batch size reduces risk

B5:    The Batch Size Overhead Principle
  • Reducing batch size reduces overhead

B6:    The Batch Size Efficiency Principle
  • Large batches reduce efficiency

B7:    The Psychology Principle of Batch Size
  • Large batches inherently lower motivation and urgency

B8:    The Batch Size Slippage Principle
  • Large batches cause exponential cost and schedule growth

B9:    The Batch Size Death Spiral Principle
  • Large batches lead to even larger batches

B10:    The Least Common Denominator Principle of Batch Size
  • The entire batch is limited by its worst element

B11:    The Principle of Batch Size Economics
  • Economic batch size is a U-curve optimization

B12:    The Principle of Low Transaction Cost
  • Reducing transaction cost per batch lowers overall costs

B13:    The Principle of Batch Size Diseconomies
  • Batch size reduction saves much more than you think

B14:    The Batch Size Packing Principle
  • Small batches allow finer tuning of capacity utilization

B15:    The Fluidity Principle
  • Loose coupling between product subsystems enables small batches

B16:    The Principle of Transport Batches
  • The most imporant batch is the transport batch

B17:    The Proximity Principle
  • Proximity enables small batch sizes

B18:    The Run Length Principle
  • Short run lengths reduce queues

B19:    The Infrastructure Principle
  • Good infrastructure enables small batches

B20:    The Principle of Batch Content
  • Sequence first that which adds value most cheaply

B21:    The Batch Size First Principle
  • Reudce batch size before you attack bottlenecks

B22:    The Principle of Dynamic Batch Size
  • Adjust batch size dynamically to response to changing economics