AOP is an abbreviation for Aspect Oriented Programming. For now, that’s all you’re going to get for a definition.

Why is that? Because this set of exercises assist you in defining AOP for yourself. You’d do that anyway, we all do, so these notes work off that fact.

These exercises use a particular tool, JBoss AOP, but the concepts apply equally well to AspectJ.

Even though I’m expecting you to define AOP for yourself, I am assuming you have a basic understanding of Java Programming. If not you might be somewhat frustrated.

Before you begin, you'll need to setup and configure your environment. To do that, go here: Environment Configuration for JBOSS AOP

Note, these examples are written to mimic how I present them in a workshop environment. That is deliberate. I'm hoping you'll work through these examples on your own similar to how I'd have people work through them in a workshop environment.

Examples meant to get you up to speed on self-defining what AOP means: