Getting Started With Source

First, acquire the source from github:

  • Find a place you'd normally store source code. I use ~src, not original, I know.
  • Type the following command while in that directory:
git clone git://
  • Note, this creates a directory called fitnesse

Next, build the source:

You can actually skip to the next step if you're feeling lucky.
  • Just to be sure, build FitNesse and run the unit tests
> cd fitnesse
> ant


  • You'll need at least JDK 1.5 and ant 1.7 (or have junit task already available)
  • Occasionally some of the unit tests might fail (they don't always, there are still a few synchronization problems in the tests)
  • The default ant task also runs the FitNesse tests used to test FitNesse, so you'll need to either leave port 8080 open or define an environment variable, FITNESSE_TEST_PORT, with the port you want have the acceptance test execution use.

Build the Distribution

  • Type the following:
> ant build_distribution
  • Note, this builds a file called fitnesse<date>.zip

Unzip It

  • Unzip the fitnesse<date>.zip file anywhere (I use ~/)
  • This creates a directory called fitnesse

Run It

  • cd to the directory where you extracted the zip file
  • Type:
> sh -p 8080
> run.bat -p 8080