Ejb3 and Jpa using JBoss Notes

This is a summary of the course outline, feel and guiding principles behind its structure.

For this course, we have chosen to use no power point slides. Instead, we work with self-paced tutorials and facilitator-guided projects to get you the experience you need to continue learning after the class.


  • You want to be here/you are here of your own volition
  • You are comfortable with basic Java programming

Guiding Principles

Teaching versus Learning
  • Learning --> Participant doing, experimenting, practicing, talking, interacting, ...
  • Teaching --> Instructor talking, students listening
  • Teaching != learning

In this course we are trying to maximize the time you spending working with projects, from heavily guided tutorials to open-ended projects and problems. The person traditionally called the instructor is acting as a mentor, guide and facilitator.

Breadth versus Depth
  • The complete depth of the subject material is too large for a week-long course
  • You are capable of learning on your own after the course
  • Staring with a working example, you are capable of taking it further on your own

In this course we are trying to give you enough experience with a subset of all of the material to give you the confidence to continue learning on your own after the course is over. Not only do we work on the subject material but we also take an approach that allows you to experiment on your own by using a test-oriented approach (sometimes this means tests after code, sometimes this means test-first programming).


  • Self-paced tutorials
  • Assignments and mini projects
  • Break-out sessions
  • Reviews
  • Facilitator-guided projects
  • White-board design sessions
  • Using a test harness for experimentation




  • Logistics
  • Daily schedule
  • Bathrooms
  • About Me
  • About You

Java Persistence API (JPA)

Tutorial 1: Introducing JPA

Tutorial 2: Query and Test

**Tutorial 3: Mini Application*

EJB3 and JPA

Tutorial 1: Embeddable Container, First EJB

Final Project