Designing to Spring Templates Source

This page has the full source in an Eclipse Archive file along with instructions for creating a workspace and setting up the workspace using the archive file.

Eclipse Archive File

This is an Eclipse 3.2 Archive file with two projects:
  • JdbcToSpringTemplates
  • LoggingUtils
It also includes all of the necessary jar files to run these examples.

Get the file and create your workspace
  1. Download the file
  2. Create a directory that will server as your workspace directory, e.g. C:\workspaces\SpringTemplatesExample
  3. Unzip the contents of this directory into your workspace directory
  4. Start Eclipse 3.2 and select your workspace directory

Import the included Eclipse Preferences
  1. File:Import:General:Preferences
  2. Click on next
  3. Enter <yourworkspace>\EclipsePrefs.epf, e.g. for me it would be: C:\workspaces\SpringTemplatesExample\EclipsePrefs.epf
  4. Verify that import all is selected
  5. Click Finish

Import the two extracted projects into the Eclipse workspace
  1. File:Import:General:Existing Projects into Workspace
  2. Click on next
  3. Enter the directory of your workspace, e.g. mine would be C:\workspaces\SpringTemplatesExample
  4. Wait for a few seconds or press <enter>
  5. You should see two projects: JdbcToSpringTemplates, LoggingUtils
  6. Click select all
  7. Click finish

Run Examples
  1. Wait for the projects to build
  2. Execute one of the Java classes called "JdbcExample" in any of the packages contained in the JdbcToSpringTemplates project