Back in 2002 I spent 6 months in England working on a large government project. The work then was way behind and way over budget. As for 2004 it was even later and even more over budget. I was working on architectural issues for release 1.1 and needless to say, I was pretty sure the work I was doing had little actual value.

I needed some kind of outlet, so I started working on a book about C # and OOP. I never finished it. I got rejected by one publisher then I started consulting and sort of lost interest. I'm thinking I might take some of the design materials and apply it to another language.

In any case, here's a PDF of the work I had completed:

Back into C#

So here it is 5+ years later and I'm relearning C# for various reasons. Things have changed since then. Where as before I was test test infected, now I practice TDD. Back then I used VI and a DOS shell, now I use Microsoft Visual Developer Studio 2005 with ReSharper installed. Here's a few notes from getting started: